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DSR Comic

As a company anything we sell we include this fantastic comic strip, it tells the story of Detailed Seller Ratings to customers who may not be aware of the impact it can have on sellers, even when the buyers intentions are good. The cartoon shows how even when sellers leave three or four stars, and […]

ebay feedback the do’s and don’ts

Feedback An Introduction Feedback is an essential component to any e-commerce business done through services provided by eBay, Amazon ect… When you run a normal business you may receive feedback, this may be requested through customer feedback forms both in store & online, or through customers making verbal comments on improvements that could be made, […]

WCUK FC : How did we do at Wembley?

Tamebay eCommerce Cup Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd were privileged to be invited to the inaugural Tamebay eCommerce Cup on the 11th July. Made up of 16 teams from such footballing heavyweights as eBay and Amazon we were drawn in a group with Channel Advisor, eSeller Pro and Paypal. We arrived nice and early (over 4 […]

Starting an eBay Business Part 3

Starting an eBay Business Part 3 3. Picture Perfect – No matter what you are selling, always, always, always add a picture. Pictures make the difference when the customer is browsing even just a couple of listings within their search as it makes the listing bigger. If you are selling a unique, or highly expensive […]

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part Two

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part Two (Click Here for part 1) Following on from Part One where we looked at why you should consider car boots, we now look at what sells. What sells at car boots? • Candles – foreigners and holiday makers love the Colony candles. Not only are they […]

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part One

Car boots: a trader’s dream or nightmare? Part One Getting up at 5am is never a good thing, but car boots are an area of business often ignored. We look at whether car boots could increase your profits. Car boots were introduced as a way to clear out junk from your loft or home. People […]