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Selling on Facebook for Beginners Part 3: Targeting other pages

In the final part of our mini-series regarding selling on Facebook, I thought I’d tell you about something several of my most successful customers have done. This is probably the easiest way to advertise your wares on Facebook although ideally you will need to have a business page – so for starters please refer back […]

Selling on Facebook for Beginners Part 2: Facebook Advertising

In our last blog we looked at Facebook advertising and setting up your presence online using a Facebook page. If you regularly use the Facebook page you created and engage with people you will hopefully garner more likes, unfortunately it can be a little hit and miss. Negative rumours abound about just how Facebook lets […]

Brands Back from the Brink

Toys ‘R’ Us, the shop of many a 90s child’s dreams recently filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada. The emotional outpouring has been intense, but does it necessarily spell the end for the company? These days you often read about companies just like Toys ‘R’ Us going bust. With such a competitive […]