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Starting an eBay Business Part 2

Starting an eBay Business Part 2 Click Here for Part 1 Plan b: Alternatively if you don’t want to compromise on price, or can’t afford to due to a competitive market, look at offering different options to the buyer. I find myself doing this when I am selling products in a competitive market & the […]

How to Start a Business and Sell on eBay – Wholesale Clearance Blog

Starting an eBay Business While this blog focuses on starting an eBay business a lot of the principles are the same when starting a business online with Amazon, or through setting up your own online e-commerce website. Planning The most common question when starting a business like this is… “Well where do I start?“ and […]

The Power of an eBay store

The Power of an eBay store If you are thinking about selling a large quantity of products on eBay, then the first thing you should be looking at is having an eBay store. eBay found that the sales of at least 75% of people who opened an eBay store increased. But if you think that […]

Our First Blog

Well, here it is… Wholesale Clearance UK’s first blog. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd, it is a family run wholesale business based in Poole, Dorset, England. We supply to the trade and public including shops, market and eBay traders, carboot sellers and private traders worldwide. Our success is […]