Power Duo All-in-One Face Serum Sachet Travel Pack 760units/slot (In Date) [Vogue & Huda Recommended Serum]

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6th Image is full size product image, only for your reference of Vogue featured as standout serum. 

Tavel pack size total 4ml (2ml x 2 - Phase 1 Beauty 2ml + Phase 2 Health 2ml). 7 to 8 units in a bundle will be equivalent of the full size product volume. Great value with great Swiss foremost lab quality.

Exclusively made in Switzerland in one of the most foremost laboratories. 

- 100% Vegan

- Free from artificial colour, fragrance, paraben 

- Dermatologically tested, all skin types

- NOT tested on animals / Cruelty free

This special serum composes two steps (two phases) application.

Phase 1 Beauty + Phase 2 Health = Total Skin Wellness

This serum solves the market pain: 

A solution and treatment that provides skin all around wellness, this product is to solve the following problems on the market:

1) People hard to choose product that suitable for themselves;

2) Products on the market either only with one key active ingredient, or only target one skin problem; However, dry skin is not only dealt with hydration product, as the whole skin cells needs to be repaired (damaged from various factors, such as UV, blue light, pollution, stem cell lack of vitality etc. - thus this special serum);

3) People would love to ease their skincare routine but better result.

4) People looking for real functional ingredients for their skin.

So this one bottle is all everyone's need to cover all aspects that cause skin ageing, with many precious active ingredients, including stem cells, peptides etc. 


Phase 1 Beauty active ingredients:

1. Alp Rose Stem Cell: 
2000m high altitude Alp Rose (from Alp Mountain) the leave stem cell extract.
To recharge skin stem cell vitality, thus more healthy skin cell to be regenerated.
2. Biotechonological tri-peptides
Extracted from plant stem cell, more than 90% absorbtion for collagen boosting, for more elastic and firm skin.
3. Probiotic Bacteria
Extracted from fermentation process of green olives. 
Help skin environment & hormonal balance.
4. Botanical Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
24hr long and deep hydration - forms double locking hydration with phase 2 HA.

Phase 2 Health Active Ingredients:

1. Niacinamide / Vitamin B3 (highest tested level) 
Intensive brightening (instant effect), UV & Blue light damage repair, pigmentation repair, even skin tones, moisturisation, and intensive anti-ageing.
2. Moringa Seed Peptides
Peptides from Moringa Seed for great skin absorbtion.
Intensively purify pollutants (prevent pollutants too), detox the skin.
3. Raspberry Stem Cell
Total extract of red raspberry stem cell extract, contain more than 22 different oxidants. 
Strong anti-oxidation function and protect skin DNA.
4. Provitamin B5
5. Hyaluronic Acid
Adding hydration film to Phase 1, locking skin water with this double hydration.
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Including Sachet Travel Pack (Full Size image is for your reference)

Public Relations:

This serum has been featured in many magazines and socials, it was published as STANDOUT SERUM in vogue magazine, and Huda Kattan has featured as her favourite serum too (available to share).


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