One Off Pallet of 173 Mixed Household & Tool Stock - Great Variety!

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One Off Pallet of 173 Mixed Household & Tool Stock - Great Variety!

You will receive 173 Mixed Home & Tool Stock

You will receive the following:

Mixed Old Clocks (x7)
Large Math Geometry Ruler, 4Pcs (x8)
Electric Food Chopper (x1)
Mixed Electric Lint Remover (x3)
Brass Putty Knife (x1)
Jue-Fish Multifunctional Glue (x1)
Sharpening Stone (x1)
Power Adapters (x4)
Long Handled Dustpan & Brush (x1)
Colony Breakfast Set (x4)
Air-Tight Container Set (x1)
Iron Powder Remover (x1)
Long Handle Wall & Ceiling Dust Mop (x1)
Flower Pot Rack (x4)
Mixed Flash Mops (x34)
Mold Removing Gel (x1)
Powerful All Purpose Cleaning Powder (x3)
Mixed Misc. Parts (x13)
Shower Head (x1)
Multipurpose Cleaning Cream (x3)
Egg Cooking Machine (x1)
Small Sieve Packs, 3pcs (x3)
Hanging Thermometer (x4)
Large High Presure Washer Hose (x1)
Yellow Dishes - Mugs, Plates & Bowls (x1)
Valve Position Monitor (x4)
Cordless Electric Lawn Trimmer (No Blade) (x1)
Wireless High Pressure Car Wash Gun (x2)
Large Wood Rodent Wheel (x1)
Small Stainless Steel Sieve (x6)
Power Clean Grease Remover (x3)
Oil Press Machine (x1)
Mixed 900/1400ml Lunch Boxes (x4)
3-Layer Folding Storage Box with Doors (x1)
Paint Edger Roller Brush Combo Kit (x1)
Glass Bottle Oil Dispenser (x1)
Wooden Chopstick Set (x2)
Multifunctional Cleaning Shovel (x1)
Cappucino Maker (x1)
Spare Washing Line (x3)
Invisible Waterproof Agent (x1)
Adjustable Cabinet Hardware (x1)
Adjustable Retro Ceiling Spotlights (x1)
Letter "A" Wooden Piggy Bank (x2)
Quick Release Gun for Karcher Electric Pressure Washers (x1)
Glass Container (x2)
Glass Coffee Cup (x1)
Long Handled Brush (x1)
Hinge-Open White Photo Frame (x1)
Shower Head (x1)
Foldable Mini Iron (x1)
Mixed LED Desk Lamp (x7)
Manual Steel Nail Tool (x1)
Golden Antler Handle Set (x1)
Mixed Cutlery Set (x5)
Enertwist Electric Knife (x1)
Vintage 3-Light Ceiling Lamp (x1)
Washing Powder Dispenser
Feather Ceiling Lampshade Set (x1)
Weed Eater Outdoor Power Trimmer (x1)
Magic Cleaner Gel (x1)
Mixed Large Drinking Bottles (x4)
Wall Drying Rack (x1)
Shower Head & Hose Set (x1)
Gardening Gloves, 6pcs (x1)
Black Metal Dishrack (x5)
Plastic Drink Dispenser (x1)
Firewood Log Splitter (x1)

RRP: £1.63 - £338.66

Looking for a good opportunity to start up a new business? If you're interested in getting home and tool stock at a fantastic markup price, then this is the ideal mixed joblot for you!

Mixed stock including light fittings, mops, oil press, garden tools and much more!

Brand new.

Please note:

None of these products have been tested and we can not guarantee they are in working condition. Some items may have missing or damaged parts.

Majority of the packaging is in poor condition with many having dents, tears or completely ripped. Some items also have no packaging.

Not all items have been pictured.

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