One Off Joblot of 7 Mens Russell Outdoors Camouflaged Bib Dungarees 0010

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Brand: Russell Outdoors

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One Off Joblot of 7 Mens Russell Outdoors Camouflaged Bib Dungarees

You will receive 7 Mens Russell Outdoors Camouflaged Bib Dungarees.

Sizes: S (x1), M (x1), L (x1), 2XL (x1), 3XL (x3)

Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

RRP: £98.69

Russell Outdoors camouflaged bib overalls that are designed for hunting and will equip you well to assist your outdoor obsession.

Russell Outdoors make world-class gear that keeps hunters highly comfortable using top quality materials. These bib overalls are no different, with them being in a leaf/woodland camouflaged style and featuring various different useful pockets around the overalls. Features Mossy Oak branding. They are equipped with buttons and a clip for fastening, as well as a belt around the shoulders that can be adjusted for the exact fit that you want. Legs also adjustable. These overalls are essential for any keen hunters and will ensure you are wearing top quality gear whilst being out.

Product code: 0010 (Break-up style)

Some come in clear packaging, the majority have tags attached.

Other very similar designs to the one pictured may also be included.