One Off Joblot of 204 Mixed Health & Beauty Stock - Mascara, Nails Polish, Etc.

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Items in Joblot: 204
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One Off Joblot of 204 Mixed Health & Beauty Stock - Mascara, Nails Polish, Etc.

You will receive 192 Mixed Health & Beauty Stock

You will receive the following:

Mixed Intensive Tanning Gel (x3)
BIC Miss Soleil Disposable Razor (x20)
Venom Perfume, 10ml (x6)
BluMaan Cavalier Heavy Clay, 74ml (x1)
Lanbena Nose Plants Pore Strips, 30g (x2)
Celyn Instant Eye Tightener, 30ml (x2)
Spartan Root Activator Shampoo, 250ml (x10)
MEIDU Black Hair Dye Shampoo, 500ml (x2)
Attractant Lure Her Perfume For Men, 50ml (x2)
YANJIAYI Hair Smoothing Conditioner, 200ml (x2)
Heaiqi Sponge Crystallite Combination (x1)
Japan Sakura Skincare Set (x1)
DLD Serums & Fluids BB Booster Starter Kit (x2)
Handaiyan Matte Liquid Lipstick 12pc Set (x1)
Six-Colour Eyeshadow Palette (x1)
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase (x1)
Conture Washbag (x1)
Black Make-Up Bag (x1)
Every Colour Imaginable 78 Colour Makeup Palette (x1)
Lala Retro Moisturizing Whipped Cream, 50ml (x1)
Sassy Saints At-Home Nail Manicure Kit (x1)
Sassy Saints Primer & Cuticle Oil (x1)
Sassy Saints Remover Set, 100ml (x1)
Mixed Glowskin O+ Skin Rejuvenation Kit (x11)
Gege Bear Liquid Blush, 4g (x1)
Gege Bear Mascara, 3g (x1)
VolumeCare+ Mascara (x2)
Manjesen Eyelash Seal, Bond & Removal (x1)
M5 Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit (x1)
KDK Lip Balm (x1)
DIY Nail Kit (x1)
Eelhoe Lip Scrub Peach (x1)
Shilajit Mineral Resin, 30g (x1)
HOMTOPY Heat Cream, 100g (x1)
Bando Natural Cleansing Foot Pads, 10pcs (x8)
Nuubu Deep Cleansing Foot Patches, 10pcs (x3)
Eelhoe Straight Hair, 60ml (x2)
Mixed MZV Concealer, 14g (x2)
Mixed Exfoliating Scalp Brush (x5)
East Moon Black Soap Bar Shampoo, 50g (x6)
Wellnee Knee Pain Relief Patch (x7)
BamyLash Mixed False Eyelashes (x16)
Lazy Body Wonder Posted Patch
Openeyes Awaken Peptide Lifting Eye Gel, 15g (x2)
Aimeier Eyelash Extension Guide (x2)
PrimeLash Mascara (x2)
PrimeEyes Glide Eyeliner (x3)
Hydra Neeldes, 20 Needles (x1)
Dr Meinaier AHA Serum (x2)
PrimeWand Nude (x1)
West&Month Botox Stock Solution Serum (x1)
Crystal Hair Remover (x1)
CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum, 30ml (x1)
Eyeshadow Stamp (x1)
Ibcccndc Eyebrow Powder, 1.8g (x1)
MLSmile Natural Hair Powder (x1)
SouthMoon Gynecomastia Spray (x1)
LuckyFine Hair Care, 30g (x1)
Sassy Saints Pearl Provocateur Nail Polish (x1)
Eyebrow Style Guides (x2)
Unofficial Velvet Smooth Foot File (x1)
BamyLash Eyeliner Pen (x2)
Nail Clipper Kit (x1)
Jaysuing Damaged Hair Repair Conditioner, 100ml (x1)
Cellulite Massager (x1)
Eyelash Stencil (x1)
Mixed Tweezer Set, 3pcs (x1)
Afcare Anti-Aging Collagen (x2)
Hair Oil (x2)
Turmeric Serum (x1)
Mixed Fabb Nails EaziPen (x14)

RRP: £1.00 - £110.00

Looking for a good opportunity to start up a new business? If you're interested in getting health and beauty stock at a fantastic markup price, then this is the ideal mixed joblot for you!

Mixed beauty and health stock including eyeliners, eyebrow kits, shampoos and much more!

Brand new.

Please note:

Majority of the packaging is in good condition, however some have dents, creases or tears. A small amount may have no packaging.

Not all items have been pictured.

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