Joblot of 28 Scotch Shrunk & Scotch R'Belle Mixed Items - Bags, Jewellery & More

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Condition: New With Tags

Brand: Scotch Shrunk & Scotch R'Belle

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Items in Joblot: 28
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Joblot of 28 Scotch Shrunk & Scotch R'Belle Mixed Items

You will receive 28 Scotch Shrunk & Scotch R'Belle Mixed Items.

5 x Bracelets

3 x Pairs of Socks

3 x Guitar Picks

2 x Duffle Bags

2 x Charm Accessories

2 x Shoe Laces

2 x Bows

2 x Pocket Squares

1 x Backpack

1 x Necklace

1 x Badge Set

1 x Open Up Airplane

 1 x Tassel

1 x Head Scarf

1 x Head Band

RRP: £7-40

Assorted childrens items from Scotch Soda's Scotch Shrunk & Scotch R'Belle ranges. Boys and girls items are within the lot. You will receive a huge range including bracelets, duffle bags, backpacks, accessories such as charms and badges, bows, pocket squares, headwear, guitar picks and more!

All items you will receive are pictured below.

All are brand new and the vast majority have tags attached

Please note the majority of these are sample pieces. In the bags there is a label that states 'sample of no commercial value'. These are however complete pieces.

A huge range of items are within the lot including bags

Duffle bags come in 2 colours

Items for both boys and girls are included

Jewellery comes in a lovely gift box

Bracelets come in 2 styles

Items from both Scotch R'Belle and Scotch Shrunk are included

1 x necklace is within the lot

3 x socks are included

Socks come in 2 styles

2 x pocket squares are included

Headwear comes in 2 styles

A mixture of accessories including badges and guitar picks are included

Shoelaces come in 2 designs

All are brand new