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Wholesale Clearance UK sells an extensive range of clothing for men, women and children. The clothing ranges from branded to non-branded and outfits to accessories. The Wholesale Clearance UK website makes it simple and easy to navigate around these categories and find items which may interest you.

Some of the brands Wholesale Clearance UK deal with include;

All Saints
Calvin Klein
Jack Jones
Ralph Lauren

Wholesale Clearance UK has items for everyone. The stock list is regularly updated bringing new items to the market daily. Best of all the prices mean that you can purchase these branded or non-branded items of clothing for just a fraction of the RRP, enabling you to pass these items to your customers at knockdown prices!

Everyones a Winner!

But when it comes to apparel, Wholesale Clearance UK don’t stop at clothes, they also sell a wide range of footwear, this includes womens, mens and childrens sandals or trainers as well as an extensive range of high-heels.

Again the products are branded and none branded, the brands include, Nike, Timberland, Golddigga, Hush Puppies & more. The lots start from 10 pairs, ensuring that you can test the water with the latest shoe, without a having to buy 100’s of pairs!

Once again you can be assured that the price, quality and service provided by Wholesale Clearance UK is one that you could not find anywhere else!

So what are you waiting for?

Go check out some of Wholesale Clearance UK’s latest bargains!

By Karl Baxter

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