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Wholesalers UKWhat do you need from your wholesaler?

Getting the right wholesaler can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. The wholesale price and quality of your products determines your sale price which determines your profit. Get the initial price wrong and your profit will be in jeopardy. Too many businesses find themselves at the mercy of wholesalers, going with the first one who accepts them. As a business owner, you should be taking a much more proactive approach and choosing the right wholesaler for you. So what should you be considering?
• Product range – make sure the wholesaler stocks the products you want and has the scope to provide other ranges for when you start expanding
• Prices – key to your business. Does the wholesaler advertise their prices? Do the prices change per quantity ordered?
• How do you order and pay? Is there an online facility, a telephone helpline, a live chat area?
• Minimum order – this is especially important when starting out, or if you need to make top up orders mid-month. A large minimum order will not allow you to keep stock topped up unless you have a large initial working capital
• Premises – is there a physical premises you can visit? This not only establishes that a wholesaler is legitimate but it can be beneficial if you need to examine new ranges before purchase or pick up stock quickly
• Shipping rates – is postage and packaging included? Is it a flat fee per order, tiered based on monetary value of your order or defined by weight and volume?
• Returns – Can you send back unwanted stock? What happens if the items are damaged?
• How quickly do they deliver? This can affect your stock levels. If it takes 14 days from order to receipt, you will need to be guessing your order in advance and may not get the exact products you need.
• Where can you resell? Some wholesalers may stipulate where you can or cannot sell your products so ensure you have read the terms and conditions fully
• Can you use stock photos? If the wholesaler has professional photos and you are allowed to use them, it can save you a lot of time, effort and money trying to do this yourself. You can simply order and place straight on your website
• What support do they offer? Do you have a forum or blog you can interact with? Can you ask questions? Is there any advice on selling, marketing, SEO etc..
• Can they do drop shipping? You may not want to use this service initially but it is a great thing to have available if you get very busy with orders
• Are there any reviews on the internet? It can be good to get existing customers’ feedback on the wholesaler

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