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Some cracking toys to choose from this Christmas

We’re midway through October, and if you’re anything like me, plans for Christmas retail have been uppermost in your mind for some time. The big retailers have all released their most wanted Christmas toys 2017 lists, so I decided to take a look and share some of these with you.

What are the Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2017?

The most wanted Christmas toys 2017 list can be a bit hit and miss, admittedly. I sometimes wonder whether the list reflects what kids want, or what the big suppliers want to sell and therefore make available.

1. Luvabella Doll
Nonetheless, the big noise over the past few days has been about the Luvabella doll. I have no idea why. She reminds me of Chuckie from the 80s, and wasn’t he banned? Take a look and tell me what you think.

Luvabella. Creepy or not?

Luvabella retails somewhere in the region of £100.00 (seriously! £100 for a doll!). There are some bargains around if you shop carefully, but this is the toy that is ‘sold out’ this year, so you can expect to pay £130 plus on eBay. The reason for that hefty price tag? She uses artificial intelligence and interacts with your child. Apparently the more you play and interact with her, the more responsive she is, and she can start to say some words (scary!). She has lots of movement and will giggle when tickled, and can play peekaboo. There are several versions – not just a blue-eyed blonde, but a brunette and a black doll too.

Age 3+.

2. Fisher-Price Teach ‘n’ Tag Movi

Movi. Mauve-ee or Move-ey?

If you can’t afford the £100 price tag for a Bride of Chuckie, the Fisher-Price Teach n Tag Movi at £44.99 is perfect for 5s and under. The Movi is a sweet little interactive learning robot for pre-schoolers. Movi has 60 different facial expressions, can spin 360° and can combine critical thinking skills to make play with your child more active. There are three game modes and six games to play, in which you can get bonus.

3. BB-9E app-enabled droid

Small. Collectable. Fun.

Another robot. If you’re shopping in advance of Christmas, bear in mind that The Last Jedi is out in mid-December, and all bets will be off as to what your child wants. The BB-9E is from the movie. You use your smart phone to control this little android. £149.99.

4. The LOL Big Surprise Ball

Just adding to the plastic mountain?

This is recommended by Tesco who say it is selling fast and is one of their most wanted Christmas toys 2017. At £60 it’s not cheap, but this LOL Surprise Ball has 50 surprises inside, that includes things like dolls and accessories. Tesco is expecting it to do well for them, so are limiting it to two per purchase.

5. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Small, cheap, collectible.

So the big seller last Christmas was the Hatchimal range. They’re still going this year, and now there are Hatchimals CollEGGtibles at the pocket money friendly (or sticking filler friendly price of £2.99 for single pack, £9.99 for 4-pack). The little eggs hatch in the same way as the big Hatchimal (cue lots of rubbing, coaxing and stroking) and then the shell can be used as a little nest. There’ll be no shortage of these as there arew in excess of 70 to collect. Cleverly, you can tell from the colour of the speckles on the shell which CollEGGtible family your egg is going to hatch into.

6. Disney Cars 3 Lightning McQueen RC Car

Some toys never change much, do they?

For just £19.99 you can have a 2-channel radio-controlled toy version of the coolest Cars character. As you would expect he whizzes forward, backward, left and right but also comes equipped with a turbo function. Good price tag but needs 5 (yes 5!) AA batteries so stock up!

7. Lego City Police Station

Top of my list. A Lego police station.

You really cannot go wrong with Lego, I find, and of course there is something to suit all pockets. The current string favourite for best-seller at Christmas is the Lego Police Station. RRP on this one is £85, and for your money you get, two prison cells, a rooftop helipad, watchtower, helicopter, a robber truck, 7 mini lego figures, an exploding wall (whoop!), a crowbar and dynamite! Oh and a police dog! Brilliant. I’ve added this to my own list of Most Wanted Christmas Toys 2017. For ages 6-12.

8. My Little Pony Mega Collection

Not my little ponies.

If you thought My Little Pony had had its day, apparently not. This set is for the seriously greedy. Your £60 gets you sparkles galore – 6 x little ponies that are 23cm high. Well it saves teaching your kid patience, or the value of collecting. Just buy the who caboodle at once.

9. Melissa and Doug Chef’s Kitchen

Designed to ensure all parents feel inadequate in the kitchen department.

More big bucks, if you’re looking to impress on Christmas morning and talking robots and giggling dolls won’t cut it, this may be the way forward! It’s a scrumptious wooden kitchen, that makes your own actual kitchen look like a cheap botch-up job. Be warned it will take a responsible adult around 1-2 hours to put together (pre-Christmas-sherry). A magnificent £149.99.

10. Cozmo

Cozmo – going to give Movi a run for his money.

Hotly tipped by Amazon, Cozmo is a real-life robot that evolves the more you hang out with him. If you ignore him, he nudges you, so he’s expensive (£200) and demanding. He gets annoyed, but apparently cheers up when you play with him. One of the most wanted Christmas toys 2017.

11. Sew Your Own Sock Unicorn

At last, something you can cuddle.

If the sheer in-your-face-prices and size of some of these toys leaves you feeling rather uneasy, there are some great smaller and cheaper toys around. This Sew Your Own Unicorn gift set retails at £10 or under and contains everything you need (including socks, stuffing and the mane) to make their own gorgeous 25cm unicorn. There are a number of companies creating gift sets to fit a smaller budget. If your kid likes crafting, have a look around for them.

12. Pie Face Sky High Game

If violence is your thing and you like mess, perfect.

Pie Face was big hit at Christmas 2015, and this new version is set to be popular too. At £26.99 you won’t need an extension to your credit. This time Pie Face is a freestanding ‘fairground’ version. You hit the hammer and see how far up you can go, and splat your opponent with the pie. It is delightfully messy and loud. It’s also tall – over 3 feet. Age 5+.

13. Experimake Sludge ‘n’ Slime

An interesting scientific element to this. WCUK approves.

By Nickelodeon, the Experimake Sludge ‘n’ Slime is another very messy game that will appeal both to your kids and your pocket at just £20. You get to experiment making slime balls, sludgy goo and slimy bogies. Heaven!

14. Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

Pretty, not a bad price.

In a similar sort of vein, if you have a child who likes prettifying themselves, the Nail Poish Maker may be the answer. This retails at £50 but currently and will appeal to 3-8 year olds. Your child gets to mix fruit scents into Num Noms nail varnish, creating fragrant polish they can paint on their nails. Includes 50 nail stickers plus nail stencils.

15. Letters to Santa


Perhaps the most absurd item on this list is this Letters to Santa kit. You write a letter and then shrink your letters to Elf size for the absolute fastest delivery. They can be returned as ornaments that your kids can keep forever. Cute. But at £25? Use a pen and paper and save the letter until they get married.

Over to you!
What do you want from Father Christmas this year? Are you a retailer? What are the most wanted Christmas toys 2017 in your experience? Let us know by adding a comment below, or come and chat on our Facebook page :).

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