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The World Cup Tournament 2014 is nearly over and by now you will have heard or read or even seen us on Mock the Week in relation to our Chris Smalling/Barack Obama England mug issue. Fame at last, eh? Well they say all publicity is good publicity.

This brings us to a thorny issue. What exactly do you do when you have a surplus of England mugs, or mugs with Barack Obama’s face on them? It’s wasteful just to throw them away so how do we reassign mug use and what can we do with a mug if we don’t want to drink coffee out of it? Is there a way to recycle mugs? If there is, does the statement hold true to the mugs brought from a reputed store like Mugstore? I did some research on these very questions and this is what I came up with.

Thirty ways to reuse a mug

Desk Caddy

Desk Caddy

1. Desk caddy

Essentially the most obvious thing to do with a mug that you do not want to drink your brew from is to use it as a desk caddy. Fill it full of blunt pencils and biros that don’t work just like I do, and arrange it artfully on the desk where it won’t easily be knocked off but will attract a century’s worth of dust in two weeks. If nothing else it looks like I do some work.

2. Sweet dispenser

Fill it with your favourite sweets and dip in whenever the fancy takes you. Beware if you share an office …

3. Give it to someone else

Wrap it up with a ribbon and give it to someone else!

Use it to clock in and clock out!

Use it to clock in and clock out!

4. Tool box

If you have an array of smaller tools for electrical jobs perhaps or you have a collection of mini-screwdrivers, teeny flashlight, a tape measure and some tape – bung them in your mug and you’ve got yourself a handy tool box.

Get well soon

Get well soon

5. First aid kit

Similarly, keep a mug with some plasters, small bandages, safety pins and headache tablets in your draw for an emergency (the phone never stops ringing and I’ve just trapped my finger in the filing cabinet drawer) first aid kit.

6. The ultimate hangover kit gift

If you know someone who occasionally over indulges of an evening, why not create a hangover kit in a mug. Add some headache pills, alka seltzer, a tea bag, some sachets of sugar, a voucher for a large bacon butty, maybe some ear plugs and the phone number for AA to your mug. Wrap it up with a bog bow and there you are – the dog’s doodahs.

7. The ultimate Get Well Soon gift (or get your arse back to work kit!)

Similar to the above ideas, add some lem sips, a tiny teddy bear, a sachet of chicken soup, some tablets and cough sweets and a little ‘get well soon’ card. Wrap it up and job’s a good’n. You know it will be appreciated

Coin bank

Coin bank

8. Coin bank

Fill your mug full of change and use it as a savings kit. Unlike a piggy bank, your coin mug can be dipped into whenever you want!

Grow some herbs

Grow some herbs

9. Small Plant Pot

An Obama mug is the perfect size for a small plant. As the mug does not have a water drainage hole you will need to be careful not to over water it. Leave it in a place where it’ll get plenty of light. (On the off chance that you don’t have particularly green fingers, try growing a cactus. You have to be going some to kill a cactus. (I have done this).

10. Candle

You can make candles in a coffee mug instead of glass jars by pouring the melted wax and adding a wick. When it sets, you’ll have a unique candle and you can light it to hold a wake for the England football team and their abysmal performance at the World Cup this year.

11. Fundraiser

Alternatively you can use the mug and ill it with coins as a fund raiser. In this case we don’t think you should dip into it whenever you feel like it. That would be wrong.

12. Communal kitchen sugar dispenser

If you work somewhere with a communal kitchen why not fill your Barack Obama mug with sachets of sugar. Make the love go further.

13. Paper clips

Do you suffer with paper clip-itis? Are they everywhere but when you want one you can never find them. Fill your Obama mug full of paper clips, leave to fester on a shelf somewhere, and hope someone uses them eventually.

Useful storage or gift idea!

Useful storage or gift idea!

14. Storage

Allow your England mug to become a cherished storage item. Fill it full of nuts, bolts, drawing pins, batteries etc. etc.

15. Prize

Raffle it off on a fun day for charity or give your mug away as a booby prize at a quiz night.

16. Make it an elite item of worship

Have an exclusive club that only those with a Barack Obama England mug may gain entry to. The Obama mug becomes a symbol of status and grows in value and prestige.

17. Shaving mug

You could create a vintage retro shaving mug effect by inserting a bar of soap and a brush into the Obama mug. After all, Barack’s shaves are smooth – he’s a role model for all of us males.

18. Give the mug to a decaffeinated coffee drinker

Single them out as different. Give the Obama mug to someone who drinks decaffeinated coffee, soy milk lattes or – even worse – drinks green tea.

Grow your business

Grow your business

19. Business cards

Nothing says you’re a serious business that knows where it’s going than having a Barack Obama England mug at reception where business customers can help themselves to one of your business cards. “Yes, good doing business with you too. Where are you going? Wait!”

20. Tips

Put it next to your cash register and collect tips in the mug.

21. Use it in team building events

Take your Barack Obama mug to team building events and start off a session by handing the mug to participants and asking them, “What is wrong with this scenario?”

Miniature paint can

Miniature paint can

22. Paint can

Given that the Obama mug has a handle it’s great for when you need to do little touch up jobs where pain has chipped etc.

Blissed out man

Blissed out man

23. Create a miniature Feng shui garden

Simply fill your Obama mug with sand, add some pebbles and little bit of moss and a teeny tiny rake and hey presto! Good karma!

24. Bake off!

Use it to cut circles in your pastry or biscuit dough.

Use broken pieces of mug as tiles for mosaics

Use broken pieces of mug as tiles for mosaics

25. Mosaic

Break your Obama mug up into small colourful chunks and use the pieces to make a ceramic mosaic.

26. Vase

Say it with Barack! Your Obama mug will be perfect for a small posy of flowers. Go on, don’t be shy!

27. Give them to charity

You could hand them over to a charity shop but better still why not pass them onto a housing shelter somewhere? Homeless charities can use mugs to serve coffee, tea and soup.

Decorative in the garden

Decorative in the garden

28. Garden decoration

Half bury your broken mugs in the garden. You can put them at an angle and you can grow plants out of them.

29. Talk to it!

Let your Obama mug be your friend. You know you need one

30. Drink from it.

I know. Imagine that!

What do you reckon?

Sweet thing

Sweet thing

Do you have any other ideas? What should we do with our Barack Obama Chris Smalling England mugs? Let us know below or join us on our Facebook page.

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