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Office Pranks

Office Pranks

I’ve been thinking a little recently about office pranks. That’s what the British summer does for you. Now, while we all want to work with people who pro-actively work to build up our business and help us streamline processes and make it the best business it can be, there are times when you have colleagues that just leave you feeling – let’s just say a little ‘vengeful’ shall we?

A recent study by Adobe discovered that 85% of people believe that creativity is essential for problem solving in a working environment, demonstrating that creativity can be essential for your success. However combining creativity and intelligence can be dangerous, especially when you throw a grudge into the mix. Haha!

So I’ve thrown together some office pranks: some golden oldies to start with before working our way up to the braver, career threatening stuff. Here’s the ten best ways to get revenge on colleagues who confuse, annoy and generally make it their life’s mission to prevent you from making money.

Upsy Daisy

Upsy Daisy

1. Flip screen upside down
We all work with the person who has no respect for data security and leaves their screen unlocked at any opportunity. Rather than let them away with advertising your customer data to the world, press CTRL, ALT and the down arrow keys together on the keyboard. Then lock the screen and leave them to struggle.



2. Move keys on keyboard
What about the person who types so slowly they need to look at the keys as they go? Despite numerous offers of support they still persevere at 30 words a minute. Give them some motivation – take the keys off their keyboard and swap them around.

3. Incapacitate the mouse
This is a classic for a reason. Need to get quick, easy and cheap revenge? Then place some clear sticky tape on the bottom of a colleague’s mouse to stop it working. If you use the older style trackballs, removing the ball is just as effective.

4. Blue tack on connectors

If the first three fail, think outside of the box a little. Or in this case, on the box. Unplug a random socket from the back of a PC. Any USB will do. Stuff it with Blu Tack and plug it back in. Sit back and watch them try to figure it out.

5. Hold a mascot to ransom
Do you work with a girl whose stuffed animals take up 75% of her desk space? Hold one to ransom in return for fifty coffee runs. If she fails to deliver the goods quick enough, steal another!

6. Multi-purpose Nail Varnish

Do you work with a bunch of miseries who keep stealing your stuffed animals? Paint a very thin coat of nail varnish on every pen in the office. Using Top Coat is particularly effective, as it is completely transparent. The pen will now look innocent but completely fail to work. This trick can easily be reversed by dipping the pens in nail varnish remover once everything is returned.

You're pregnant? Nooooooo!

You’re pregnant? Nooooooo!

7. “I’m pregnant…” Not for the faint hearted. Fed up of the office lothario declaring their successes every Monday morning? Find a female friend (from outside of the business) to ring a male colleagues’ desk phone, to declare their “pregnancy” in excited tones. If your company records calls, take an MP3 download of the outcome and use it for future collateral.

8. The Chain Smoker
Just because they spend half of their day smoking outside, doesn’t mean that they are exempt from office pranks. A pair of tweezers and five minutes is all you need.

Start by unclipping the metal front from the lighter. Push the dial to the plus sign on the front of the lighter. Now lift the dial so that it is no longer connected to its cog, move it to the minus sign and reattach it to the cog. Finally, clip the metal front back on and push the dial back to the plus sign.

If you have done this correctly the lighter should produce a giant, eyebrow singing flame the next time it is used.

9. Fun With Locusts
This one will get you fired so choose your target well. However if you are looking to go out with a bang, it’s totally worth it. Visit your local reptile store and buy a small box of the locusts they sell for food. Place them in an (upside down!) polystyrene cup and leave them on the target’s desk. These things can jump a good few feet at a time so the results should be spectacular.

10. Funny Noises
We have chosen something simple, yet effective, to round off our list. Use your smartphone to record the sound of something rude – a burp or fart will do. Play the audio at random during those two hour long meetings. The more pointless the meeting, the better the result.

Clinging to your job?

Clinging to your job?

So what about you? Let me know below! 😀

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