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Sunglasses for your summer holiday!Have you ever heard the saying ‘they gave no quarter’? Historically this referred to the period immediately after a battle when the winners showed no clemency or mercy and refused to spare the life of the vanquished who had surrendered. Well here at Wholesale Clearance it is YOU who is going to be the victor this January when we give you quarter, that’s a quarter off, in our fabulous January sale!

Here at Wholesale Clearance, as you know, we always give you great quality branded items at the lowest possible price, but now you have a chance to save even more money and create more profit for your own business because this January we have a great offer for you. How would you like to save a whopping 25% off (yes, a whole quarter) off the majority of our stock?
At the moment we have a number of fabulous deals available and you would be foolish to miss out. The extra discount we give you now can be passed onto your customer and help to ease them into a new year of spending. For more chances of spotting discount codes, check out CouponsCollector – they have a huge collection of store coupons from different establishments.

New Year is traditionally a time when people start to think about travelling, getting fit and spring cleaning their homes. You can tap into those modes of thinking by having a look at goods in our sale section that would appeal to your buyers. Many people’s New Year’s resolutions include getting fit and hitting the gym and we have quality clothing suitable for the gym among our sale items. For those of your customers who want to travel and are booking holidays, we have walking sandals, feminine travel products and some really pretty summer dresses.

There’s a cold snap on the way, it’s January after all, and we have some great comfy and warm footwear deals, ideal for market traders and eBay sellers who want to sell fast as the opportunity strikes. We also have tanning products, ideal at this time of year when people are feeling pale and pasty and are longing to see a bit of the sun, and who isn’t? Yes, it’s all about introducing colour and warmth at this time of year and cheering your customers up! We have amazing deals on cosmetics, most with that extra 25% off. We also have some fake tattoos in stock, a really fun way to liven up your look if you have the New Year blues.

Remember buying from us at Wholesale Clearance ensures that you can stock up on quality branded items and as we don’t impose minimum purchase amounts or charge membership fees it really doesn’t matter whether you’re an old hand or new to selling, our deals are affordable for everyone! And now with 25% off you’re getting amazing deals. Act fast to secure your products!
Don’t forget, we’ll deliver direct to your retail outlet, and on orders over £500 delivery is free! So that’s 25% off and free delivery? We think you’ll agree that we definitely gave you quarter! Happy New Year!

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