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It's time for some Halloween music!

It’s time for some Halloween music!

I was overjoyed to hear the Monster Mash song on the radio the other day. As a kid it scared the bejesus out of me but now when it comes on I always stop what I’m doing and have a bit of a Zombie wiggle. Have a watch of it right here!

That got me thinking that it’s one of those songs that you don’t hear a great deal of until late October – along with other Halloween music – and then it appears as if by magic on every radio station in the Western world. I wonder what the royalties are like for that one song?

Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Bobby “Boris” Pickett

According to Wikipedia Monster Mash was first released in 1962 novelty song and the best-known version is by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. It charted at number one just before Halloween, and since then has been a real favourite.

It was re-released and charted in the USA again in December 1962, August 1970 and May 1973. After being banned in the UK by the BBC (for being too morbid!) in 1962 it finally charted over here at number 3 in 1973 in early October. It re-charted in the UK on 2nd November, 2008 at number 60.

If you’re considering playing Halloween music either in your shop or on your business premises to entertain your employees or customers there’s a complete wealth of amazing music out there. Other great Halloween music favourites of mine include …

• Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jnr
• Thriller by Michael Jackson
• Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon
• Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
• Dragula – Rob Zombie
• Redbone -The Witch Queen of New Orleans
• Electric Light Orchestra – Evil Woman
• Santana -Black Magic Woman
• Credence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising
• Bobby “Boris” Pickett – Monster Mash

One thing to remember though if you do play Halloween music or any music in the workplace is that you’re liable to be asked to pay for the privilege. In pretty much all cases, if you play recorded music in your business – and this can be a radio station, CDs or you play the TV or digital radio – then will be asked to pay a PPL music licence.

Creating their own Monster Mash up - PPL and PRS

Creating their own Monster Mash up – PPL and PRS

Those who manage a factory, office or garage that has four or fewer employees may receive a letter from PRS for Music and PPL introducing the new joint music licence for factories, offices and garages with four or fewer employees in cases where music is not audible to customers, visitors or guests.

PRS for Music and PPL have joined forces to create a new joint music licence for small workplaces that slows you to play music in your business. This new joint music licence took effect from 1 December 2013.
There’s a lot of bad press about PPL – and regardless what you think of them (and I’m sure some people will have strong opinions – the fact of the matter is that they CHARGE customers for recorded music use PRIOR to purchasing a PPL licence. So if you do use music in your workplace and you do not have PPL – be very careful. Someone is always watching you …

Do it baby!

Do it baby!

But enough about that – it’s pretty depressing after all to talk about paying money out instead of making money – why not tell me all about your favourite Halloween music? Anybody have any good Halloween stories to share? Leave a message below or come and share a link on our Facebook page right here

See you on the dark side!

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