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It's witching time again!

It’s witching time again!

It’s October. The most bewitching time of year. Cloud hangs low over the hills; sea mist creeps in from the coast; spider webs hang in every corner: delicate, extraordinary and extravagant. The land is cloaked in a general eerie malaise lost between the summer holiday and Christmas. Well hip hip hooray for Halloween then! It’s party time!

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume or you want to create an eye catching window display you could do a great deal worse than these costumes currently on offer in our novelty section and already proving popular.

Not great to bump into on a dark night ...

Not great to bump into on a dark night …

We have a Wholesale Clearance lot of twenty costumes that are mixed between two styles. Each style comes in de-branded retail packaging and our price to you is just £3 although you can retail them up to £20. In the red corner we have Hardworking Butcher ‘Francis’. Poor old Francis. He spends all day working at the farmer’s market to feed his numerous children but unfortunately he is a vegetarian. He is suffering from meat rage. When he goes home after chopping and dicing all day he has to start work on chopping carrots and slicing onions to feed his extensive family. No wonder he looks a little bit fed up.

His costume includes overalls with realistic ‘beef’ stains, a tired face mask (you may not need that of course) and a well-used meat cleaver prop. This costume is the ideal piece for a “Typical Job” fancy dress party.

In the blue corner we have Friendly Jame the Handy Man (‘cos if he can’t fix it no-one can). Jame the handy man can fix any problem with your home. The costume features an orange jumpsuit zipped at the front to keep off the paint and brown face protection for sawdust. Jame comes with a sealant syringe prop used for fixing leaky pipes. Absolutely perfect for a DIY fancy dress party.



In keeping with the Halloween theme, you could redecorate your house, shop, market place using these extremely funny roadkill decorations.

They’re actually mouse mats but can easily lend themselves to inspiration for décor. They are available in ‘frog’ and ‘chicken’. No animals were harmed in the sale of these products.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Ooops.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Ooops.

So what else do we have that can inspire your thrilling Halloween costume?

Brains ....

Brains ….

Another item of Halloween interest is this super scary T shirt . Designed and manufactured by IRON FIST this is a phenomenal piece of artwork. IRON FIST are renowned for unique designs that are impulsive, raw and unapologetic. Team this up with ripped jeans, tattoos (fake or otherwise) and some temporary hair dye and you are either a debauched rock star or a zombie. Who knew?



Let’s not forget the ladies. They too can dress as dead Indian Squaw Zombie Killers while donning this fantastic IRON FIST t shirt here. Oh the horror! I feel some Michael Jackson and Thriller coming on.

What other fancy dress costumes do you create from scratch? What would be your ideal costume? Let us know in the comments below.

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