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Good scents

Good scents

Spring is a glorious time of the year, isn’t it? Lambs frolicking in the fields, daffodils nodding their bright heads sagely in the softening breeze, puffy white clouds skipping across a blue sky. Wait. Come again? The rain is bucketing down from the sky while we all build arks at the bottom of the garden, trampling the daffodils as we work? Gotcha.

While we haven’t really suffered with the cold this year, it’s been an oddly mild winter with far too much rain. Rain means we tend to stay in more than we normally would, and our houses get stuffy. I feel cooped up when I can’t get out and I know that many people are positively gagging for spring and a break in the weather so that they can fling open their doors and windows and get some fresh, clean air into their homes.

Fresh air in a tin

Fresh air in a tin

If the weather isn’t going to break though, it’s unsurprising that we reach for the smelly candles to give the atmosphere a little lift. In Britain we’re completely obsessed with smellies. According to 2011 figures, people in the UK spend a million pound a day on things that will freshen up their surroundings! This can include scented candles and air fresheners, along with the new-fangled motion-activated sprays and plug-in air fresheners . Pot pourri was beginning to seem a little old fashioned but now that many people are decorating their homes with a retro or vintage theme, particularly the retro styled French farmhouse type home so favoured by style magazines, pot pourri is still big business! Trade shows are still selling barrels and barrels of the stuff to the retro savvy retailer.

In 2010 sales of scented candles alone grew five per cent to £41million. Pot pourri sales reached £6 million. Altogether, some £367million is spent on making our homes, offices and cars smell super fresh according to research by Mintel.

Attractive looking packaging - a great product

Attractive looking packaging – a great product

The thing to remember of course is that air fresheners are not just about functionality. They’re not just there to cover the smell of unwashed children, late night curries and kebabs or wet dogs. Candles are particularly and increasingly renowned for adding ambience to your home.

If you would like to profit from the popularity of candles, candle holders, pot pourri and the like, you should take advantage of our fabulous Mixed Colony Candle Pallets here We’re offering you a huge bargain. You’ll get up to £3,000 worth (total retail value) of The Colony Gift Corporation branded stock. All of this stock is new and unused and still in its packaging. What we’ve done is make the pallets as uniform as possible. You will receive no more than 24 of any one line so you’re getting plenty of diverse products and don’t have to worry that you’ll be left with loads of one particular item that just won’t sell.

You'll get a great selection of some of these products

You’ll get a great selection of some of these products

Each pallet will include

• 300 – 400 items of consumables
• 100 – 200 items of glassware – so that includes candle holders, attractive gift sets etc.

Within each pallet you’re likely to find candles, vases, floater bowls, candle holders, candelabras, boxes of scented candles, silk flower rings etc. These all come in various colours, styles or smells. Of course, every lot is slightly different but if you get in touch with your requirements we will see what we can do.

Fully branded

Fully branded

All items labelled as Colony, Colonial, Carolina Candles, Ambria, D’Aria, etc., so what you’re investing in is a product that is recognisable and fully branded.

You'll get a range of products with varying styles and colours and scents.

You’ll get a range of products with varying styles and colours and scents.

Each pallet has an attractive selection of stock that complements each other, for example you’ll receive a floater bowl with floating candles with some stones in the bowl. You’ll get 60 – 80% consumables and 10 – 40% Glassware.

Why is this offer so brilliant for all you small traders out there? Well Colony do not supply to small shops, market traders etc. so this is a brilliant opportunity to get your hands on goods that many of your competitors will simply not be able to stock.

How superior will you feel then?

So, why not give this a go? At the moment we’re offering 20% off, so for just £479.20 you’ll be receiving between £4000 and £5000 worth of retail stock, which will look amazing and smell heavenly.

Give it a go. Get in touch with us today. 🙂

3 Responses to “If you have good scents you’ll claim your Colony candle pallet now”

trevor goughSeptember 26th, 2016 at 7:17 am

hi,im thinking of starting a market stall.candles sound good to start with.do you deliver ?if so,how much?and have you got any great ideas for christmas???

Karl BaxterSeptember 26th, 2016 at 7:21 am

Hi Trevor, yes we do deliver , if you can take a look at our website there’s over 5,000 joblots that you can take a look at, we have a Christmas section and a Candle section 🙂

Kind Regards