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To bring you luck!So how is the New Year going for you? Brilliant? Not too bad? Or could you do with some luck? Well if you haven’t done so already, how about entering our New Year Competition? You could do far worse than start the year with £250 to spend on any of our fabulous branded quality stock lots, couldn’t you? It’s totally free to enter and you could turn £250 worth of stock from Wholesale Clearance into £800 at RRP! That’s an amazing prize!

Enter here: http://www.punchtab.com/giveaway/hosted/14307

What will you spend your winnings on? As I write this snow is falling out of a fully laden white sky. The novelty has yet to wear off and I’m considering running outside and making a snowman! But don’t you just know that shortly we’ll be in for a drab and gloomy February with very little colour in the world. Spring seems a long way away. I’m sure your customers feel it too so maybe you need to introduce a little colour into their lives. My current absolute favourite has to be the job lot of 200 pairs of candy colour tights. Truly breathtakingly bright! That will cheer anyone up, and with £250 to spend if you win the competition, that would be a perfectly lucky start to the New Year!

Cheer yourself up this winter!

As I write there are 17 days left to enter the competition and so far only 2000 entries. That increases your chances of winning. So what are you waiting for? Click the link and get lucky.

I was thinking about whether you need to be lucky in order to be successful in business or are there other factors? Self-help books and new age business gurus suggest the importance of positive thinking (think yourself successful) or visualization (where you meditate on how you would like to be in the future; thinner, more handsome, six mobile phones ringing at once and a full order book!).

Other people believe in karma, and that what goes around, comes around, so if you are good to other people, they will be good to you. What’s interesting is that even the (relatively old fashioned) use of lucky charms such as a shamrock, a rabbit’s foot or your lucky pants or socks can create a feeling of positivity within you – you feel luckier, happier and more optimistic and of course you can apply those feelings to your business. Incidentally, I used to keep a lucky sixpence but unfortunately when the new five pence came in to currency I spent it by mistake (for those of you that are very young, that’s because they are a similar size, shape and colour!).

What seems to be true, and backed up by research, is that luck in business seems to be attracted to people who take full responsibility for their actions because these people are more likely to analyse their mistakes and act to improve matters or create solutions, rather than apportion blame or simply say ‘it’s not fair!’

So the message appears to be, if you want to be lucky in business, don’t give up! This links to your confidence and assertiveness. If you’re passionate and know that your business is great, if you live it and love it, then you will create your own luck.

However, don’t forget the competition. As author and lifestyle coach Barbara Sher once said, ‘The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act’, so it’s time to click the link and enter the competition!

Good luck!

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