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Summer of '76. All you need are bare feet.

Summer of ’76. All you need are bare feet.

There are rumours of a Fleetwood Mac revival in the very near future so this is a great opportunity to look at the 1970s inspired products you should buy wholesale from Wholesale Clearance to sell on to your discerning customers. While You Can’t go Back in time, I’m going on record here (geddit?) to predict a renaissance of all things 1970s and all things Fleetwood Mac.

Rock Chick Chic

Rock Chick Chic

For those attending the concerts in Dublin, London, Manchester, Glasgow or Birmingham, their choice of clothes for the occasion will be extremely important. While we don’t have any moth eaten band T-shirts in stock I can recommend the flowing summer dress at the left of this article. This beauty is from a ‘Joblot of 30 Mixed Ladies Dresses and Jumpsuits’. Jumpsuits? What could be more 1970s than that? Take it from me you’ll look exactly like a gold dust woman . And if we’re thinking 1970s and Fleetwood Mac, here is nothing more Stevie Nicks than these tops from ‘A Postcard from Brighton.’ Note the flow of the fabric, the way they drape over the female form in an ever-so -slouchy and casual way: the epitome of 1970s rock chick chic. Nothing changes in fashion really, does it?

Job lots for ebayAll we need to throw into the mix before we go out for a tango in the night is one of these wonderful Pacha Hats and Caps. These scream individual sense of style and sensational seventies. Yes, you can go your own way if you’re wearing one of these! Would I tell you little lies? No of course not; you’ll be welcome everywhere wearing one of these hats or caps. Great for the summer festivals too. Fleetwood Mac at Glastonbury? Who knows?

No more nasty background noise!

No more nasty background noise!

Fleetwood Mac are legends in the music industry. Their eponymous album Rumours, released in 1972 has sold over 40 million copies since its release. As it has just been re-released as a super de-lux cleaned up and souped up version, they are quite likely to sell a few more. You can encourage your customers to listen to their CDs in the comfort of their noisy homes and offices by purchasing one of these Noise Cancelling Monaural Headsets which have outstanding audio quality and are specifically created to reduce the inconsiderate drone of your colleagues. What’s more they have leatherette ear cushions. Leatherette! And no, it’s not a mirage. Honestly, it’s like the 1970s never went away!

The smell of the '70s to go with the sound of the '70s

The smell of the ’70s to go with the sound of the ’70s

Finally, if your customers want to set the scene at home and relive their youth you can stock our range of incense that comes in a number of delicious smells. A real feast for the senses. The most Mick Fleetwood of the range must be this ‘Lyrical Sambac Jasmine Scented Incense Gift Set’. Along with the sticks you get a holder so it’s a perfect accompaniment to a cheese fondue and a bowlful of car keys. In your dreams.

Fleetwood Mac launch their extensive arena tour in the UK on September the 30th 2013, and tickets go on sale on February 18th. Unfortunately they won’t be available on this website.

*How many song titles did you find? Is that all? Tusk Tusk.

One Response to “Fleetwood Mac Take Wholesale World by Storm”

Karl BaxterFebruary 7th, 2013 at 9:39 am

How many Song titles can you find in the blog post called “Fleetwood Mac Take Wholesale World by Storm” ? We will pick at random a winner on the 14th Feb 2013. We are going to give a way 12 free 1970s style Pacha wallets and 5 1970s style 100% Silk ties.