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Surprise! What's in the Boffer Box?

Surprise! What’s in the Boffer Box?

Whoop! Have we ever got a fabulous surprise for you today!

Have you ever heard of Boffer? Back in the day Boffer was a fabulous little website with a totally buzzing forum. You may or may not remember Boffer as THE original daily deals site. Every day they would have a deal on, and that deal could be absolutely anything. The deal tended to be stock that was being sold off. Some of it was amazing and some of it was pretty far out. The most popular (and fun) daily deals were the infamous ‘bags of crap’. Again, the bags of crap could be comprised of absolutely anything: brilliant or complete crap! It was aimed at consumers.

However, the company changed and with that they decided to rethink the business model. It was decided not to supply consumers but instead to supply retailers, particularly those who sell on Amazon and eBay, and of course small retailers, car boot sellers and market traders. So the aim is to offer daily deals site just like they used to and supply high quality stock for low prices to professional sellers. Those sellers will then be free to resell for a profit through whichever means they favour. They can choose from online and offline marketplaces; whichever is their preference.

As well as being the best daily deals site for Traders to source wholesale stock, the Boffer forum will become a fabulous resource and source of excellent information. It will enable professional sellers to connect with other suppliers in order to find wholesalers, products and relevant stock. Sellers will also be able to access reviews of wholesale suppliers, find import and export advice, and excellent essential business information and support. Much as they do here come to think of it!

Get to the point Karl

Waiting for you to bag a Boffer box

Waiting quietly for you to bag a Boffer box

So how does this affect you? Well we are going to be working in partnership with the new Boffer and so you can expect us to be supplying some great deals to the site once it’s up and running. It really won’t be long now, so why don’t you head over to the website at boffer.co.uk and jump into the forum. I’ve been hanging out there for days but nobody is talking to me. *sniff* It’s like being the new boy in the playground. Come and say hello and I’ll share my biscuits with you!

What I’m really looking forward to in the forum is actually being able to talk a bit more with you guys, and find out what you sell and why, and if you have any tips to share with other sellers.

So, for those of you who have never heard of Boffer before, how does it work? Well every day there will be daily deal that is comprised of one product or job lot. Boffer will sell the stock on behalf of receivers, administrators and finance companies and so the stock will have to be sold. There will be a ‘Buy it now!’ price or you can make an offer, and maybe, just maybe, your offer will be accepted.

Here’s how it works

The Boffer of the day could be a job lot of 100 women’s designer dresses for £1000. You may decide that you want to sell them for a tenner each so you offer £500. If Boffer is unable to sell all of the job lots for £1000.00 then they may well get in touch to accept your offer of £500.00.

And the bag of crap?

The Bag of Crap

The Bag of Crap

Yes, the bag of crap will be returning although it is more likely to be a pallet of crap, a truck of crap or possibly a container of crap. Exciting times eh?

Meet Megabot at the Megabot Auctions

Megabot was known as Boffer’s cheeky “bit on the side”. Megabot would run fifty auctions simultaneously, where the price of unsold products would just keep going down and down until the product sold. Megabots will be reinstated to the Boffer website and they will be selling in bulk, which is better suited to professional sellers like you!

What now?

Come and talk to me in the Boffer Forum!

Come and talk to me in the Boffer Forum!

Head on over to the website and register your name. Start talking to me in the forum to save me from wandering the lonely halls of Boffer by myself. Forums are fun!

Competition Time!

Find the ‘Username Competition’ thread here and post a hello in there. We’ll organize a prize for the zaniest or funniest name? Keep it clean!

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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