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So what does one do with 10,000 Lance Armstrong DVDs? It turns out you can actually do quite a lot with them and in spite of what the national press might think, here at wholesaleclearance.co.uk we can be incredibly creative. Here are some fabulous ideas. Please try these at home!

Stand for Ear ring storageCreate a fabulous ear ring stand! Simply drill small holes in a stack of Lance Armstrong DVDs and then take a large dowel (which fits very neatly into the centre of the DVDs). Mark the dowel at three inch intervals and then glue the dowel to a round or square wooden base. Next, spray paint the dowel and the base in your favourite colour, or the colour of your bedroom and slide the DVDs over the dowel, inserting into the grooves. Ta dah! Extremely cool looking ear ring tree!

Make mobile decorations from them. Use DVDs or CDs hung from wire to catch the sun and reflect the light into your rooms.

Make clocks! You can buy whole clock mechanisms from various sites on the internet for a few pounds plus postage. The centre hole is just the right size to fit the clock shaft, put Roman numerals on the mirror side or just use the printed side. Alternatively paint it in any design you like or glue pictures or photos to the disc using Pritt stick or similar and then use wood glue to make the front waterproof and give it a finish. Make sure that when you put the clock mechanism together you use three o’clock as the time to set, as this is what will make the hands accurate, and then reset to the correct time. Use a glue gun to stick a hook on the back.

Clock using CDs as numerals

Create a clock from Lance Armstrong DVDs

Make a bigger clock! Fix some very large clock hands to the wall of your living room or home gym then simply use twelve Lance Armstrong DVDs as the numerals. This will look totally modern and elegant.

Mirrors Ladies: stick a Lance Armstrong DVD in your handbag and it’s a great emergency mirror. Carry one in your rucksack when you’re hiking and it’s a fabulous and lightweight life saver if you need to signal for help. Blu-tac one to your computer screen at work and you will be able to see your boss or annoying colleague sneaking up on you.

Party Invitations: Send them out to all your cycle club buddies!

Medieval Chainmail: You’ll need to punch/drill a few more holes into the DVDs but then thread them through with string or cord, both vertically and horizontally and you will have some medieval chainmail, with a slightly modern twist. Great for fancy dress!

Alternatively make a dress out of the DVDs and parade around with confidence. People will think it’s the height of fashion. It would look great in a club.

Make a switch plate by taking the current switch plate and drawing around it onto good old Lance. Note the switch and screw placement and then drill to make the holes. Clean up the switch hole with a sander.

Smash up your Lance Armstrong DVDs and use them to decorate things! How about the following?

Dragon using CDsMake a dragon sculpture. This amazing piece of art was created by Redditor Amon-a-boat. He started off with a wire mesh frame and then simply hot glued the pieces of 136 discs to the frame. The result is quite amazing! Watch you don’t cut your fingers, folks!

Disco ball: Cut the DVDs up into squares of about 1 cm with sharp and tough scissors that you don’t mind dulling and then glue all of the bits onto a large Styrofoam ball (approximately £8.00 on eBay). Attach some wire and hand it from the ceiling and et voila! You have your own disco ball! Get down!

Cut the DVDs into mosaic size shapes of rectangles and squares and then fit together around a mirror or within a frame. You’ll have a lovely shiny mirror or photo frame. This does work best with different colours however.

Using DVDsFinally, you can smash them into really tiny pieces and use them as nail art. Just use tweezers to place tem onto a tacky coat of nail varnish and then cover with top coat. It’s good to know that Lance Armstrong is good for something!

If all else fails
Recycle! There are various organisations that will take CDs and even Lance Armstrong DVDs off you and do good things with them. Friends of the Earth recommend an organisation that can turn your unwanted discs into burglar alarms and street lighting.

Apparently the trick to cutting CDs is to warm them with a hair dryer and then use utility kitchen scissors. Please be very careful.
Be aware that there is a layer of dye on CDs and DVDs that can be toxic. When the plastic melts in the oven, there will be no protection for this layer of dye.
Be very careful Lance Armstrong DVDS (and others) get very hot when heated.

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